ICV stands for Innovation and capability Voucher. In case you have not taken any step towards capability development, then you are missing a lot in your business. Our professional experts at We are here to help you defray costs of consultancy in major areas of business such as financial management, production and human resource using the ICV software for business that offers simple solutions that help increase production and improve efficiency in doing business.

ICV software for business is an easy and simple to apply software that will help SMEs in developing their business capabilities by strengthening core business operations and offering integrated solutions that will improve productivity and efficiency in doing business.

ICV Software For Business

Who is eligible for ICV software for business?

This software is eligible to all small and medium business entrepreneurs. If your business falls under this category, then you need to take the chance and get ICV software to help you achieve huge efficiency enhancement for your business.

ICV productivity solutions at a glance

As an SME business, you are encouraged to incorporate integrated solutions that will ensure comprehensive efficiency. Our professional ICV software specialists always will take you through the entire framework of the software for you to understand how it will eventually benefit your business in an immense way. We have laid clear the various productivity solutions that we offer to our clients all over Singapore and beyond. Among the solutions are;

  • Equipment and hardware
  • Design and renovation
  • Training and technical solutions

Take action today, let your business grow

ICV software for business is the new thing in the online industry. Come talk to our specialist and within a short time, you will have all your business operations dealt with online. We have a number of integrated solutions in place for you including but not limited to;

  1. Accounting management system

It is time you thought of getting an integrated accounting management system that will manage all your accounting functions. With ICV software, you will be able to get analysis reports that will help you to manage your business finances in a better way. Our experts will help with all supportable components such as software system, customization of the software and training. All the accounting management system solutions are compliant with the accounting standards and regulations in Singapore. This includes all your business cash flow, accounts payable and receivables, ledgers, purchase and sales orders and invoicing just to mention a few.

  1. Asset identification and tracking system

It is time you looked into finding integrated solutions to your assets. With ICV software, you will be able to easily identify and track all your business assets and employees within your business. Our IT experts will help with a combination of hardware, software, and training necessary to achieve results.

  1. Document management and mobile access system

You understand that disasters are inevitable at times. This system will, however, protect you from loss of crucial data in your business. Through synchronizing of files to multiple sites and devices, all your data is backed up for recovery in case of disaster outbreak. This is crucial since you will have rapid access to all your data when needed. Manual handling of documents in business is a thing of the past now. End-to-end encryption of data for cloud-based solutions is also guaranteed for easy storage, retrieval, tracking, revision and sharing of documents. The software set up is done by professional IT specialists who also train you on how to go about the entire process.

  1. Customer relationship and loyalty management

Loyal customers matter a lot to any business today. For that reason, keeping track of your business-customer interactions is essential. ICV software will thus help you to have a centralized record of your customers including their details and history of interaction. This software offers customer support and case management through integration of Microsoft outlook together with the accounting system management software. With the help of this software, you will be able to receive regular reports for easy analysis by the sales team that is responsible in tracking activities and objectives of the business.

  1. e-procurement management system

in this business error, you need an integrated all-in-one procurement system for your buyers’ ad suppliers for easy delivery and ordering of the products you are dealing with. The IT specialists working with us will help in installation of the software and offer necessary training to enable you to have a seamless operation of your business.

  1. Human resource management system

It is time you have an automated administrative HR process for your employees. This system will incorporate such information as employee database, attendance tracking and payroll among others.

  1. Product display and layout

You need to create an effective store layout for easy access by the customers. Our IT experts will help in this by providing the most effective display solutions by optimizing the overall layout of your online store.

  1. Project management system

All project stakeholders need to monitor and manage various projects with the needed control. This software helps in easy viewing of financial metrics in the business to provide the best project trouble-shooting solutions.

  1. Point of sale

This system offers easy tracking of business inventory and sales transactions. By providing sales reports and insights to your business customers and best selling products in the store, you will be able to make necessary decisions in this area.

  1. Queue management system

Do you realize difficulties in queue management? This software offers the best solution for you. The software offers freedom of leaving the store while waiting for services and this is crucial in increasing productivity by reducing manpower and increasing transparency for customer waiting time.

There are several other integrated solutions that ICV software for business offers that you can get once you get in touch with our IT specialists on standby to help you. Other solutions not discussed here include such as fleet management system, HR e-scheduling system, mobile ordering,  payment system, school management system and restaurant wireless paging system among several others.


Trust Venture International boasts of top quality service delivery in ICV software for business application and support that will guarantee complete solutions in running your business to achieve the highest and most efficient production. All your business needs are solved here. It is, therefore, time you thought of having software that guarantees accurate representation of your business’s basic and complex exchanges.